Buy house in Italy. New homes for sale

BUY HOUSE IN ITALY. NEW HOMES FOR SALE! Today you can buy a new house to live in Italy: an ecological and earthquake-proof house in the Municipality of Ripe San Ginesio. Participates in the social housing project, promoted by Marche Region. It is a self-construction project, in which the future owners participate in the construction of their home.

The project has a non-refundable contribution from Marche Region: from € 25,000.00 to € 40,000.00 each apartment, proportional to the size of the house.

ARE YOU TIRED OF THE FRENEThousing sociale anziani giovaniIC LIFE OF THE CITY? You can not stand anymore pollution, traffic, bureaucracy and problems? Are you dreaming of a sustainable, authentic, true life?
Life is one, do not waste it. If you are not satisfied with the current situation, change it! Buy house in Italy; new home for sale. Come and live in Italy, in Ripe San Ginesio, where life is quiet, the air is good, human relationships are real and where you can rediscover the genuine flavors of the past. Click here to have a brief presentation of our territory.
WHERE IS RIPE SAN GINESIO? Ripe San Ginesio, is located in Central Italy in the Marche region (click here for Google Maps).
Ripe San Ginesio is a medieval village, located on a hill in the Valley of the Fiastra, at 430 meters above sea level.
Ripe San Ginesio still preserves the evocative medieval urban layout, with narrow spiral streets, with narrow streets interrupted by stairways. The old houses are joined together by overpasses. The village is enchanting.
WHERE WILL THE BUILDINGS BE BUILT? The houses will be built near the historic center, in a very scenic area, where the view extends from the Apennines to the Adriatic Sea.
HOW MANY LIVING HOUSES WILL BE REALIZED? 8 apartments will be built. Observe the 3 renderings of the intervention: 01, 02 and 03. The houses will be sold to citizens who meet the requirements of the Regional Call. Everyone can participate: citizens of the European Union and non-EU citizens.
WHAT DOES IT MEAN WITH SELF CONSTRUCTION? The future owners become members of the “Leonina” Housing Cooperative that will build the houses. Citizens will be directed by Consorzio Solidarietà (Solidarity Consortium) which is a non-profit organization, expert in social housing.
HOW MUCH WORK? Each family enter the building site with a maximum of 2 or 3 people (men and women) even without experience in the construction sector. Each family will have to work around 900 hours in about 15-18 months. The working hours will be divided in this way: about 700 hours will be worked on building site and about 200 hours on the outside, for activities necessary for the success of the project.
WHO REALIZES HOMES? The self-builders will never be alone on the construction site. The houses will be built by one or more construction companies.
These construction companies will be selected through the following criteria: price, experience, professionalism, competence, and business soundness.
The construction companies will provide all the professionals and necessary equipment for a perfect execution of the houses.
WHAT IS THE QUALITY OF HOUSES? The houses have a medium-high quality: green building, energy class no lower than B, “Itaca Marche” environmental energy efficiency protocol higher than 2, use of photovoltaic panels, solar thermal panels for domestic hot water, underfloor heating, heat insulating fixtures, highly insulated casing.
CAN I PARTICIPATE? Yes, you can buy an ecological, sustainable, earthquake-proof house. You can also take advantage of the non-returnable contribution of the Marche Region of 25 to 40 thousand euros for each apartment. To participate you must fill out this form for the verification of the requirements and send it to You can choose to withdraw after returning the form because it is not a binding document.

WHERE DO I ASK MORE INFORMATION? Send an email to call +39 338 89 87 154


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